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Originally Posted by Prowess Symphony View Post
We have so much to worry about right now, why is obama making issues for no reason is my question.
I have to agree with your first part of your statement: We have SO much to worry about, let's concentrate on what's REALLY important, and his travel to Pakistan in 1981, come on!! I don't know the details, but even now, the "borders" are like a sieve. My parents were married in Pakistan, we even still have a tape reel of the event, but I'm 100% American born (Washington, DC, Columbia Hospital for Women) I don't think they had passports when they went as official representatives of the U.S as Peace Corps members. So MAYBE his dad got him a dual citizenship pasport from DRC? Maybe it was one of those "honorary" ones, since he seems to be so famous (now that he's president) that they put a plaque up there. BFD!!! Does it really matter now that he's elected and needs to get his sleeve rolled up and handle some of his campaign promises? IF you're really that interested, once he has his presidential library established I'm sure you can go gaze at all these documents.
In the mean time, let's get to the details of all my grandchildrens' money he's spending now. Let's get to the heart of the debate of climate change. Let's concern ourselves with our water supplies. Let's tackle things like stem cell research and it's morality. All those seem to beg a LOT more attention than whether he snuck across a border in 1981, or whether he might have inhaled, or looked at some hot ass in France.

Oh, by the way, all said with utmost