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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
I'm on neither side, not sure yet about this president, but what relevance are college records, passports, or anything else besides the COLB related to his status as a natural born citizen??

RESPECTFULLY, where does the idea that the president gave up his right to privacy show up in the job description?
My point isnt about citizenship. My point is that obama is hiding a great deal of stuff. All presidents have released their college info. Why cant he?

And the passport information is relevant. He traveled to pakistan in 1981. A usa passport was not allowed entry in the country at that time. He must have used a different countries passport, making his a citizen or dual citizen of that country and thus not eligible.

I have no opinion on these matters yet, im just collecting the facts in the face of the court trial coming up. Id like to be more informed. Regardless of citizenship status, obama is clearly hiding records. Either out of guilt, or lies, or just plain pride against all the birthers.

It might not be in the job description that he has to give up his privacy, but the citizens of the country he runs, should be informed of his past actions. How can he lead the country, if no one knows anything about him? It might not be mandatory, but all the past presidents released their info. For him to spend 1 million dollars keeping his secret, its just weird. If I was running a country and millions of people wanted to see my birth certificate or college info, after electing me leader, then I would give it without a second though. We have so much to worry about right now, why is obama making issues for no reason is my question.