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A year and a half in my MCS and not one complaint. Just under 17,000 miles.

IF I really dug to find a complaint it would be the A/C tends to struggle a bit in the extreme heat we have here in Dallas. And that is only when I have someone in the car with me and have to open their air vents. I keep them all closed but one otherwise.

I took a 300 mile, each way, trip and I did need a good stretch when I got out. The seats are firm and the leather ones may have more cush than mine...

The car could also bring about what I paid if I sold today. Good and bad for your situation.

Of all the cars I have had this one easily wins my best bang for the buck award.

Pop the back seats down and it has a good deal of cargo room when I need it. 6'2" and I have plenty of head and leg room. I would like an armrest but they cover the center cup holder, which is the one I use.

A JCW will be next for my "run around" vehicle.

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