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Well, since I posted my opinion previously on the Forgestar F14s, I will chime in a little bit with my experience.

I bought the wheels way back in April and got it installed in May. I'm not a 100% sure but I would like to believe that I was the first few to receive the wheels. So i went ahead with a 9 x 19 and 10 x 19 set up with ET20 offsets all around for the aggressive look. I went with the matte finish, the color and finish is soft and some people love it. But after seeing it in person, I didn't really fancy the matte black finish - ealized that matte looks a hell a lot better in pictures than in real life. The matte wheels gets so called 'lost' into the wheel well at night.. but that' just my wrong decision and it's got nothing to do with foregstars.

So I went ahead to install my stock PS2s onto it, still had some tread life on it and was planning to change it up when summer is over. The 245s fit the 9" wheel fine, the 265s was a little stretched on the 10" wheels. I went ahead to use it on a daily basis since my OEM 19s had winter tires on. First the wheel had some balancing issue which I had to go back to my workshop a couple of times to get it sorted out. Between this, I went up to NYC for two weekends (hence crappy roads) and went out to NJMP for a track session. 1 month into owing this set of wheels, I realize that the front wheel has been slightly bent (the outer barrel) and realized that this may have very well been the reason why I experienced strong vibration on my steering wheel when I travel at 70mph..

Annoyed - I just stuck my OEM 19s back on with my winters temporarily and left the F14s on the side.. I think they have a potential to be a good wheel (because they are light, looks good and come in custom offsets), but I should not have treated a cast aftermarket wheel like the OEM 19s. I realized that the OEM 19s are indeed a class above the entry level wheels out there. the OEMs are forged and light - and they withstood my daily 'so-called' abuse on the road and on the track.

This is what I thought about the forgestars.