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Obamas proof besides COLB?

I dont care whether obama is a citizen or not. This is about the "birthers" having evidence which may all be fake, but the non-birthers not having any evidence besides the COLB.

On this forum and irl, all the obama supporters swear that there is more info then the COLB (certificate of live birth). I just want to see that. Here is a quote from another thread by Nixon, where Nixon states how much evidence obama has put forth. These are quotes.

1. "If you seriously do not know all the evidence put forth by Obama to this point, you certainly aren't worthy of debating that evidence."

2. "Because Obama has repeatedly released more and more evidence over and over. Way more than he was required by law."

There is this constant talk of obama and his proof, yet no evidence that I can find. For the sake of argument, so I can accurately investigate this matter myself, would someone please show me evidence of anything (birth certificate, passport info, college records, proof of citizenship, etc) that everyone claims he has provided. How can so many people claim that obama has provided ample proof of all these issues but not be able to show me the one document besides the colb?

Remember, his citizenship and all that stuff is irrelevant in this thread. I want to see the evidence stacked against the birthers besides just the colb. I simply want to see the documents on both sides. The birthers have a kenyan birth certificate, witness testimony, etc which could all very well be fake. The non birthers only seem to have a COLB, but claim to have so much more. Where is the evidence the non birthers claim to have? What is this evidence that obama has provided over and over?

One simple request. Show me a document not related to the colb that goes against the birther argument. Thanks