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Originally Posted by launchcontrol View Post
So - you guys dont understand the meaning of "FIRM"? okay, no name calling but here is what I got as PMs-

1. The only way I can pay is by personal check
2. Only way I can buy these is by the end of the month
3. I'll offer you 1700 shipped
4. I will offer you 1600 but you will have to deliver to my house in south NJ....

and the list goes on....

So, to all of you - I have decided to keep the wheels - thanks but no thanks for the numerous silly offers....and PMs.....

Thats funny. I offered you the $1600 + shipping @ the begining of last week, and you said you had a local buyer. You told me to wait to see what happens, so I did. I still have not heard from you. You get a legit buyer willing to pay your asking price (ME), and now you want to keep them because others lowballed you? So whats the problem? Do you really want to sell them of not...