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Originally Posted by Notion-Za View Post
TiAg be very careful with this stuff, among an energy boost it does contain a creatine monohydrate. Which is fine but as guys have said, You need to drink a crap load of water I think its close to 2 or 3L of water a day.

Your not feeling the same rush because you've hit what i like to call a "mental block." Your expecting to much from the stuff. Just get yourself pumped before gym, drive like a maniac listen to music that gets the blood rushing, do a few short breaths followed by a long one, all these will help with the energy loss your experiencing. In school we had to do a little project on supplements and i chose No-xplode as I was using it at the time. From what i read, it doesnt cause cancer but it can increase the growth of a bodily infection such as cancer. I cant prove this but I remember reading about something along that line. So my advice, I wouldnt smoke and use NO-Xplode. I know that smoking doesnt always lead to cancer but its just not right.

NO xplode is a great supplement which will give you crazy muscle pumps. If you want to increase your pumps, drink a crap load of water with your work out, The water consumed will be sent to your muscles and the excess water will exit naturally :P I can also vouch for shock therapy. Great gains. If your looking for something along the line of a muscle builder (not muscle pumps) and avoid the creatine I would suggest Animal M-stak. Its a natural non hormonal anabolic stack. I swear by that stuff.

I actually still have a tub of Xplode left. I think im gonna use it before doing my combo of M-stak and Animal Pump. I dont like drinking supplements(other than protein) they sometimes make me feel sick or bloated.
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