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Front Bumper stuff... NOVA area

So, I have a 335, and I'm going to be widening the front stance.

I can get M3 fenders but they don't mate up properly with a 335 bumper.

So to make the fenders mate up, I have two options...

I need to either :

1) buy a front bumper for an M3 that someone has laying around, and cut off the sides (from light to wheel well) and mate them to a 335 bumper.

2) get someone to let me make a mold of the section of bumper around the wheel wells, so that I can make a copy of that section, and mate it to a 335 bumper.

So, if anyone has a spare M3 bumper laying around that they'd like to sell...

Or of anyone can spare an hour to let me clone their...

I'd appreciate it.

The cloning process is really simple and fast.

I would just :
1) Put Saran Wrap on your bumper around the wheel wells.
2) Mix up 5 minute epoxy and spread it on the saran wrap.
3) Wait for it to harden (about 20 minutes)
4) peel the saran wrap off, taking the hardened spoxy with it.

Then at home I'd just 'lube up' the epoxy negative, and line it with CF/Fiber, and flood it with more epoxy.

Then I can peel out a positive copy.

Then it's just trim left/right copies to be the same, cut that section off of a 335 bumper, and glue them together...
Sand, finish, paint, done.


Like I said. If anyone has an M3 bumper for sale, or is willing to let me clone the left/right fender portions of their, I'd appreciate it.

I'm located in NOVA.