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Originally Posted by M3V8Driver View Post
I, too, would like to hear about this Forgestar issue. I assume you guys have experienced it with 19" wheels, since their 18" wheels aren't available yet. This concerns me because I bought a set of 18" F14s strictly for track use, but am waiting for them to be delivered. Those of you claiming they weaken the wheels, have you actually broken a wheel? If not, how do you know the wheel is jeopardized?
I highly doubt people are "breaking" wheels.... However, many wheel manufacturers try to shave material to make a lightweight wheel (not just Forgestar) and this does weaken the structure. The result of this is typically wheels getting bent when stress over potholes, bumps, etc...

I find it funny though how many people on these forums talk about lower priced wheels like forgestars getting bent. I know 2 guys that have bent HREs. One was a $10K custom set for a 997turbo, and he bent both rear wheels! Lesson learned, lightweight isn't always good for the street, regardless of how much you pay, forged included.

On the track, lightweight is key, however, you're probably abusing your wheels less on the track than you are in city driving. Im no expert here, but I'd assume this as tracks are typically quite smooth...unless you make it a habit to run off the track which case your wheels might be the least of your concerns...