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Originally Posted by KMIII View Post
Get the tire and wheel warranty. I have had my M3 for 4 months now and I am right at 4k. A friend of mine had his tires for 3k and purposely ran over a few nails and went into the dealership and got all tires replaced. They also cover aftermarket wheels and tires.

I am considering a new set of aftermarket wheels and I'm about to puncture all 4 of my tires and get them replaced. Then I will sell my stock wheels and tires for more than they would be worth now because all 4 tires will be BRAND NEW. For the new set I want, I will probably end up paying only 500 bucks extra after the amount from my stocks. You have to keep in mind, warranty covers all wheels and tires weather stock or aftermarket. The warranty is $599 or $699. Either way that is the price of one or two tires. I think the warranty is 4 years or $4000 whichever comes first. So it is definitely worth it...