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Originally Posted by aus View Post
They're 15.25"
I'd think they were the new one's since there isn't much room behind them. I guess I'm a wuss since I still have stock mid-pipes. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me I got the newest one. Thanks.

I also noticed my cans both moved to the left after driving home and the driver side one is almost touching the exhaust cut-out!! I'll have to go back to get that adjusted. They're also really close to the back of the cut out where you had your problems. I'll bring that up to them too.
It does sound REALLY good when you're on the gas though.
Looks like you got the latest version. I've heard most of the most popular aftermarket exhausts, and this one ranks on the quiet end of the spectrum. It does scream when you nail the throttle, but that's what I was looking for. My cruising volume is very nice, a very low humm. Contrary to other comments, after 2 weeks of use, it has gotten about 20-25% quieter. The only time it seems overly loud to me is on cold start, and I will probably go to the AA tune to get rid of that.

The same thing happened to me concerning a left shift of the exhaust. Make sure you really tighten the bolts on the connecting crossbar. The cost of shortening my pipes and repositioning the brackets was $150 at my exhaust shop. Well worth the cost.
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