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Originally Posted by tunnie View Post
yes it does, means i wouldnt even consider sub 51k unless the multiple higher offers before that didnt go through.
BMW forums are the only forums that I see where lowballers and 'window-watchers' try to ruin or lower the price of a sale for prospective sellers. I don't know what it is, and been trying to understand it. When I stop by other forums (ie porsche forums), members are very helpful and courteous with other members with their sales. No one goes in and posts low ball offers for the hell of it.

If prices are a bit higher then the market bares, members are polite in revealing this, but by offering other offers on the market as reference (ie SHOW A LINK TO THAT 35k 08 M3 coupe with DCT for sale).

But people here are just malicious in their posts. Lets all be considerate and think about it for a second: If you are honestly trying to sell your vehicle, would it make you feel better or even help your sale by having people post low-ball offers with no relevance or evidence to actual market pricing? Lets help each other here, thats what a community is about, isn't it?