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Originally Posted by DimSumBoy View Post
nice looks like fun.
It really is like a video game. I am actually having a good time working out, which I used to hate doing. If your bored pushing weights and zoning out on the cardio machines, this is the best workout ever.

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Almost there!

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LOL!! Thanks for that one, but I am a trillion miles away from being close to pretty boy floyd.

Originally Posted by drift90 View Post
a fellow boxer its amazing stuff, this is what you do to get into shape, you need the whole body and you just get the most intense burn ever

Update us on your progress man!
At this point I don't think I am an actual boxer. Maybe after a few times in the ring... I totally agree the training is pretty intense, and to see the actual fighters in the gym do their routine is amazing. I can't even begin to imagine what world champions do to get into shape.