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Originally Posted by DevJ View Post
Nice looking exhaust!

Question for you- in your second picture, your left exhaust looks a little crooked. Is it because of the picture or is it actually crooked?

Looking forward to sound clips!
Hi Dev... exhaust is straight... the reflection of the shiny muffler makes it tough... but tips are level.

Originally Posted by aus View Post
I like those tips. Did you just have the Riss tips cut?

Is that Sport sytem out now? I'm suppose to go in to get my exhaust installed soon. I hate drone, but plan on keeping the stock resonators and maybe taking the secondary cats out at some time.
Thanks for posting.
Hi Aus, yes, I just had their tips cut... cost $20 at Midas for all 4. Riss may offer them as an option going forward, (that's what I recommended as some people have different tastes in tips).

And yes, I believe the Sport System is now available as well. I'd highly recommend it.

Let us know what you decide!

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