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New Review... Riss Racing Axle Back Exhaust 'Sport-Version'

Hey guys... well I'm one of the 'original Riss Racing' Axle Back purchase customers, that was able to get great gains on the Dyno with their 'Race System'... but the noise, and drone was a bit much for my car (with no cats on it, when had with RPI Off-Road Pipes... still for sale here: )

I removed the RPI Off-Road Pipes, in favor of Riss Racing's new HFC X-Pipe, which allows to swap out Cats, for straight pipes for those 'track days'... and still be civilized during the week!

Their Hi-Flow Catted X-pipe, still flows considerably more than the stock Catted/Resonated section... and drone was still a bit loud to me.

So, Riss Racing had mentioned they were developing a new 'Sport' version... that added about 3" in length to the muffler, and a 'Y' to the outlet pipes... that they believed would cure the drone.

Well, I'm very pleased to say that they knocked the ball out of the park with their new 'Sport' System... exhaust sound outside of the car, is gorgeous... and inside the car... is quiet! Bluetooth is back in action!

I've posted a couple of rear pics of the new system... hopefully I can get some sound clips up soon!

Thanks to Adam, Anthony & Daniel from Riss Racing... all of them have been great to work with, and been very informative via email & phone.


PS... I had to add a pic of the new lift I just got installed this morning too! That's why in the 'rear exhaust' shots... you see the jackstands, and stuff on my pad lift... I was 'cleaning' out the area for the new 4 Post lift! Gonna make swapping out parts much quicker going forward!
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