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I got my M3 13 months ago. I was not sure how fast it was going to go through it's tires so I actually bought the "tires for life" package it was quite a bit of money something like $2600 or I can't recall the exact amount.

So I started reading the fine print, about a month after since they didn't have all the details when I was buying the car it was like a last minute pitch and an impulse buy, I had figured if I got 2 sets of tires it would pay for itself.

So the fine print said I had to rotate the tires like every 5K miles and balance the tires like every 5K miles and have an alignment every 5K etc. and they would only replace at 3/32nd of an inch or whatever and I live like 40 minutes from the place and I don't want to be tied to bringing the car in every 5K miles and if it needs rears one time and fronts another time. Well I said this is too much trouble. I'd rather have my $2600 and replace the tires when I want and I can do it near my house. Plus the tires can only be the exact same kind (etc.)

Well I canceled the policy since I had a 90 day window. This was like pulling teeth to get my money back, I had to call the dealer like 5 times.

Well funny about 8 months go by and I start getting these notices in the mail the company that sold the warranty was going bankrupt and I guess they made off with everyones money.

I was not in the program so I don't know what happened.

But be careful these are 3rd or 4th party sellers and the dealership, the salesman and BMW could care less if they ever give you 'free tires'

IMO it's a big ponzi, maybe not but likely they won't be in the buisness of giving out many free sets of tires so they make you jump thru hoops with all the tire rotations and if you miss an alignment they would likely not give you the tires.

So I am glad I didn't do it and I am really impressed with the tire life, I was expecting the worse like tires every 12K miles but it looks like they may last 20K.

Hope that helps.

I don't mean to say all the warranties are like this, this was just my experience.