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Originally Posted by aelalfy1989 View Post
So the ED for US customers has a cheaper MSRP than having it delivered to US?
Yes, 7% less.

is there a price to buy the ED delivery or is it included in that lowered MSRP?
Not sure what you mean - the ED price is simply lower, and all it includes is delivery at the BMW Welt, optional factory/museum tours and food.

As a special bonus, BMW has a deal with Lufthansa where you buy one ticket and get the second one free (except taxes) - aka the Lufthansa 2-4-1 deal.

The destination charge is the same for US and ED deliveries, in other words there is no extra charge to ship the car back to the US if you do ED.

Also from what I understand for Canadian customers the MSRP for ED is the same as CD (Canadian delivery). why is that? I thought they were trying to promote that tourism to Germany.
As I understand it, this is more of a deal between BMW AG, BMWNA and the customer - although it definitely encourages tourism to Germany, that wasn't the main commercial concern. My guess would be it's because there aren't as many economies of scale in Canada... or perhaps just too few takers to justify all the paperwork.