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Originally Posted by Ca$hOnly View Post
Where do you get your knowledge from? Have you been to the HRE warehouse/factory? I'm pretty sure they did some of this in the past, but do everything in-house now.
HRE does not own an Aluminum metal foundry, a high-tonnage forging press (4000,6000,8000 TON), the machinery to build spun aluminum inner barrels or outer rim lips, or a Dry Carbon Fiber outer barrel production plant. They outsource the manufacturing of these items to third-party suppliers.

APP builds the forged aluminum monoblock wheel blanks for HRE.

HRE then uses in-house CNC machinery to cut the face (spoke design) of the wheel. (this is the part they actually 'build')

P40 CNC-machined then powder coated in Textured Black

As for the HRE 3-piece wheels...

APP builds the forged center discs (that will eventually become one of HRE's wheel designs after CNC machining)

Triangle Alloys builds the inner rim barrels and outer wheel lips for HRE.

Dymag corporation builds the Carbon Fiber outer wheel barrels for the HRE Carbon Series. (mated to HRE's cut centers)

HRE then assembles these components to create the wheel widths, lips and offsets the customer ordered.

Clarification: HRE does do some powder coating in-house now. (limited to standard finish colors only) They do outsource this phase if the customer wants a custom paint or powder coated finish.
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