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Originally Posted by MTROIS View Post
Guys, I am considering getting a V1 too but I am just wondering how their "concealed display module" works?
If I got it right, this module is what I can see in the picture that RI55 posted, right? But I was just wondering:

- is there a wireless connection between this module and the main unit?
- since I will simply put my V1 on my front windshield behind the rear view mirror... is there a real benefit to get the concealed display module???

Thanks for your comments!

I put mine behind the rearview too. I like the conceal display location in the tray just for the mute button access. Call me lazy, I like my controls by the shifter, that and if a copper is behind me and shoots the radar he wont see a bunch of blinkin red lights coming from my windshield. Just stealth preference, I guess.