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X6///M and X5///M offically released.

I know this has been posted multiple times in multiple places over the thread, but I'm pretty excited about this.

I saw it on pics from the "eBay" sale, and thought the x5m is horrible.

Drove down lankershim today, saw an x5 with the M body kit and from the fast paced driving I mistakened it for the M.

I pull into Century west, to see the all NEW x5m and x6m.

Silverstone on Silverstone w/carbon fiber leather. X5M

White on Beige w/ Wood trim X6M

I obviously pulled in looking straight at the X6M and began to talk #'s.

As they were contacting BMW for #'s etc, they offered to let me test drive this baby.

All i can say is ... WOW. That is one FAST tip tronic shift.

the car is just amazing, so smooth, after 4k rpm u feel the twin turbo kick in, got to 100 before i even knew it. (on the freeway) X6M obviously looks better then the X5M, especially in white.

car sounds alright when starting it, during the drive it wasnt that loud...

it is a full automatic car with the display of an M. (drive shows D with a #, Sport show S with a small # and then tip tronic shows the big #'s.

There is an M mode which was on, leather isnt anything special, but the body looks great.

Thats my mini review, feel free to ask questions. I think that was an experience.

Pictures: Taken from the cell phone sorry..

My thoughts on the x5M are somewhat the same, the engine looks pretty cool in person actually, but the x6m took the game..