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Originally Posted by foosh View Post
Let me get this straight, you bought a set of after-market wheels that are incompatible with the OEM TPMS system, and you're blaming the system?

I've purchased HRE wheels before, and they very clearly provide info on their web page that some of their wheel designs are incompatible with some TPMS systems. Those designs can use an alternative mounting method which involves banding the sensor to the inside of the barrel, and it sounds like your installer did a bad job.

You say you never received an "error." There is no such thing on TPMS. You either get a warning of low pressure, or you don't. If you break the sensor (like having it roll around loose inside your wheel), you won't get a message (obviously). All TPMS systems used on all makes work the same way.

I fail to see how "TPMS sucks" in your case. You didn't do your wheel selection homework properly, and it sounds as if your installer did a bad job of mounting the sensor. However, it sounds like your car is Canadian as noted by another poster above, and your car is equipped differently.
Go talk to your shop, if anyone is to blame it's them for a poor installation and you for thinking it has anything to do with BMW.