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Originally Posted by EDELWEISS View Post
My TPMS system on the M3 is messed !

I have HRE 890R wheels and you cannot get the senors to fit properly to utililize the valve stem on the sensor to inflate the tire with air. You must use a secondary mount inside the wheel in order for it to sit flush. The stem on the sensor cannot be accesed from the out side of the wheel.

The problem I first had was my sensor on a front wheel got knocked off i I assume a pot hole caused this , my wheel shook like it was out off balance , but no TPMS malfunction light . I assumed the sensor was still working.

Second accurance was the rear wheel , I had a rotational noise as if i had a nail in the tire that you could detect only at low speeds, by the time I checked it out I realized the sensor had been knocked off on the inside of the wheel , wheen i pulled back the tire the sensor was in peices destroyed !. I just removed it and never reinstalled a new one , I Never got a TPMS malfunction yet

Last weekend my steering wheel started to shake , i assumed another sensor fell off on the front wheel sensor mounting again because I had the same symptoms as the first time , I was far from home so i continued to drive , when i got to the shop and took off the tire to check the wheel i found the tire was flat and the wheel was slightly bent , I had to replace the tire as it was ruined from the inside and get the wheel straightened . No TPMS error ever!

Im driving now missing two sensors and the light still hast come on

Anyone have any explanation for this ? My light be constantly on.

One time I had a flat tire error , I checked the pressures and all was good , reset idrive and never came back

Spoke to the dealer and they feel it has to do with the aftermarket wheels , but i havnt took it in yet .

Should the dealer if the system is found not to be working reinburse my aftermarket tire at least I know I should have maybe checked my pressure when the wheel started to shake a bit but I was on a Highway close to Whistler Mountain

Anyways any sujjestions or similar experiance would be helpfull .

If it is a Canadian car,you do not have the TPMS system so your sensors would be useless.The system used is Canada is based on rotational speed differences and is great because you do not need the sensors in the wheels for your track tires or winter setups unlike our US friends.