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Originally Posted by JoeyBananaz18 View Post
i saw this yesterday at at the time i thought it was a tail light like the rest of you guys.
but now as i'm looking at it, it almost looks like a look for Efficient Dynamics. if you look at just the blue outline it make out the shape of a "D". if you include the red line running through it, you can kind of make out an "E". what do you guys think?
I think this is the right answer. Prolly just their new logo. I picked up my 09 M-Sport 335 this July and it had the"Efficient Dynamics" logo stickers on each side window. I asked what that was on there for and my CA just said it's BMW's new promotion of trying to get their fleet within average CAFE standards. They may be working on some electric cars or watever, but I highly doubt watver that "tailight" thing is would end up on any concept car in the near future.