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Originally Posted by LaYzEe View Post
they were saying that the last class will be some sorta ranger/archer type.
Actually, I believe this is innacurate. Blizzard has gone on record stating that 1 of 2 unnamed (at the time) classes is a shape shifter of sorts. The discussion for this came about, because they admited that one of the classes animations and models weren't done and because it couldn't even be tested with dummie models because it just wouldn't function or work at all for it. While I suppose there could be a shapeshifting ranged physical attack class, there really isn't a classic dnd class that matches, which is where most of this stuff comes from or at least uses as a guideline. Playing off basic familiarity.

Some guesses for the 5th and final class for the release are Werewolf or some kind of Druid remake. Mind you this is all conjecture, as no one really has any clue yet. However, I could easily see them shelving any type of archer class and then putting it into an expansion to build excitement from the Ranger faithful crowd. I guess the last class could be some kind of Arcane Archer or something. But I don't really see why that would need special animations.