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Two for One? ... Advice please!

I've been thinking about this for some time now and I still can't make up my mind! Here's the problem ...

I sold my stock 18"s and got two new sets of wheels: 20" Advan RS-Ds and 18" Advan RG-IIs. When I first bought them I was thinking I could use the 18" as a back up or track set and the 20" as my everyday set. I’ve been so busy at home with our newborn that I really don’t see myself going to the small track that we have. The 18s also makes the car sit low and I go places with huge dips. The ride on the 20s is kinda harsh on our Hawaii roads and I'm just not to happy with the look.

I am now thinking of selling the two and getting one nice set of 19” wheels. I would have the comfort, performance and I could really use the space that the second sets take up too. I was looking into some BBS LM-Rs but the 19" wheels look so small on the E90!

Here link to a few pics of both wheels: