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Derek@MAC Auto Couture


MAC's Photo Contest Part TWO!! WIN EVEN MORE CASH!!

Those of you who were in attendence already know what a huge success the show was and the unbelievable outpouring of ULTRA-rare exotics on hand.... literallty tens if not hundreds of million dollars worth of cars on display!

Those of you who did not attend, simply put, you missed out big.

Congrats again to Ryan, aka gottalovethexi, for taking home the grand prize and winning the MAC photo contest.

Unfortunately for the 1st and 2nd runners up (bimmerboy111 and Spyder) who were either not in attendence, or left before the announcement, they have now forfeited their CASH winnings. As a result, we have combined their prizes and are introducing the MAC PHOTO CONTEST PART TWO!! :yikes:

The rules for this one are simple; POST ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS OF THE GOLD COAST EXTRAVAGANZA in the "(( Martino Auto Concepts @@ Daily Thread & Updates ))" thread located here:

The best photo wins $500 COLD HARD CASH. You win, you come pick up your prize, and you get paid. It's just that simple!!