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Mine has been fine, yes I admit there is a little delay sometimes when you are in D2 mode but I drive around in D5 mode whilst i'm running in but I can't compare it to a previous M3 DCT as I have never owned one.

I had a Porker which had the PDK box in which is there version of DCT, the PDK had issues but I think the DCT box is better in my opinion. My previous Porker had a new gearbox after 18 months and then the engine went bang at 23 months just before warranty ran out. I would never own another Porker again!!

The dealership may just have been tellling me that mine was up to date just to shut me up and there may well be an update which makes the DCT even better.
I just think we are trying strivving for the perfect box, a great auto and a great manual in one but I have bought mine to be great in MSPORT mode which it is just awesome.

Perhaps Neil McRae would like to comment on his new DCT?