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Originally Posted by BMW-M-Mexico View Post
Agreed this is all possible and are good ideas for sure, but Dymag wheels are NOT lighter than these, CCB we considered but donīt trust Moviīt and Brembo etc... does not make these for the M3... making all sorts of adaptations to fit say Porsche CCB we thought was way too risky. I went with the BMW seats knowing that they are heavier because they have side impact air bags and am unwilling to eliminate these. Bootlid, roof are already full CF and rear apron is also mostly CF and a tad lighter. I agree on some of the other CF components but I honestly donīt like some of those parts at least from what I have seen. I will consider identical to OE CF doors, side skirts an the like
Why don't you trust movit' ? I mailed them and they told me they have CCB for E92 M3.

(I admit when I saw the price i laughed very much)

Are you sure Your RD wheels are the same weight as dymag ??