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Originally Posted by WallyF View Post

Thinking about adding a M3 convertible to my garage along with my 2006 E90 325xi sedan. Been out on and have found several 1999 to 2003 M3 convertibles with 80k to 120K miles. Prefer a manual but will consider an auto.

What issues and problems should I be looking for???????? Any comments or suggestions are welcome.
I used to own one - they are great cars. I sold mine with 125k miles on it and it was still in good shape with no issues. Check out the E46 M3 forums for a lot more info - this forum is primarily for the E9x. There is an E46 forum on this site but traffic is very low there.

Also, there is no "auto" per se. Its SMG II, and you should read up on that before buying so you know what you are getting into.

Good luck.
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