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Jason Albert at the Ramstein PCS. He's a great guy and he's invested a lot of time with me. I want to give him the sale but I haven't heard back from him ever since Terry basically accused me of jerking them around and just wanting to joyride all of their cars after another member here emailed them one of my posts in a thread I started about my displeasure with the E93 M3. While waiting for a coupe or sedan tester to show up I also drove a couple of other models, you know, car shopping, but apparently that means I'm not a serious buyer to some of our members. I guess wanting to make sure the almost $60K car I'm thinking of buying is the right car for me and using my current car as a basisi for comparison (blasphemy!!) is a bad thing in some members' eyes. My last test drive was in the owner's son's car and that was the drive that basically made my decision for me and I was feelin' great. Immediately following the test drive that was the incident with Terry and that totally killed the great feelings from the test drive. But ever since then, no contact at all.

I REALLY don't want to buy from someone else but it's been 4 or 5 days with no replies...