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Originally Posted by LIVING BEYOND View Post
Thanks for the advice. Although I think the Coupe looks much nicer, I will have to go with the sedan as I plan on keeping the car for many years, and in the long run the coupe might be a little inconvenient. I do have an SUV were I can bring people along, but its not the same as doing so in the M. Just the thought of having all of this performance and enjoying it with other people is nice.

I received good news from a dealer here in South Florida. They are willing to order the car for 500 over invoice. There a couple questions that I want to ask you guys on the equipment I want to order.

Is the carbon leather trim that much nicer/different than the regular titanium trim?

Also, is the enhanced stereo 1900 dollars better? I have read reviews in the forum saying there is a slight difference, but I have not listened to it and will not be able to listen it either as the dealer has no M's in stock.

Thanks again and I hope that in the future I can contribute back to the forum.


P.s. The dealer told me the car will take six weeks to get here once ordered, is that possible?

Slight difference my A$$ - There is really NO Comparison. I listened to both stock & premium last weekend. The stock M3 stereo doesn't sound anywhere as good the Logic 7 in my 335. There is no EQ on the stock stereo. I didn't want to take a downgrade in the sound system with the M3. IMO, the premium sound is well worth the $. Stock stereo can not compare with the Premium sound. I added it.

Added the carbon leather too - It's your personal choice.

On the 6 weeks - I would say 5-6 weeks from your build date. I'm 2 hours from Munich & have to wait until 5 October.