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Originally Posted by LIVING BEYOND View Post
Hello All:

I have been reading this forum for over two years and have recently become a member. The information I have found have been quite helpful and interesting.

Now, the time has come, I want to buy my first M3 or BMW for that matter. I live in Miami and have contacted a couple of dealerships. I am interested in buying an 09 or 10 M3 Coupe or Sedan. I have been quoted about 500 - 1000 above invoice. Is this a good deal? This quote is on cars that are at the lot.

Also, I was looking at the invoice pricing sheet on this site and have a couple of questions.

1. Are the gas guzzler tax and destination and handling fees included in the invoice or are they added.

2. Why are there two sheets posted; the bottom one has higher prices in everything, but does not really coincide with the MSRP.

Please help and sorry for the long post. Any suggestions on ordering or buying from out of state are also appreciated.

Thank you
For an 09 I would try to go below invoice since it's been on their lot...I ordered a brand new 010 Sedan for 350ish over invoice.