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Originally Posted by kiloil View Post
Fellas, I have found a brand new 09 Coupe MT with all bells and whistles, but my question are the following:

1) If going thru BMW Select program, does money factor play into the equation or is that for a typical lease?

2) What other expenses am I looking at if I go to BMW Select program? I understand about the tier rating, but that is about it.

3) Does this sound right.

09 Space grey metalic
Silver Novillo Leather
Manual Trans
Premium Package
Tech package
Enhanced Premium Sound
BMW Teleservices


Any help would be great, and yes I have searched.
BMW select is just like regular financing except that you have to pay a balloon payment of $xx,000 amount on your last payment.

What this does, is lower your monthly payment by $200-$400 per month and then the money that you saved up front will be due on the last payment.

If you finance $67,325 at 2.9% for 4 years, your monthly payments will be around $1487. With BMW select, you pay around $1000 per month and then a balloon payment of around $24k-$25k on the 48th month.