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Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
not a huge fan of those, but may look better on the M3 vs the M6.

may I ask why you went from an M6 to an M3?
Hey man, I'm originally from Toronto and on my way there to see family on Saturday. Its so interesting how we all have such different opinions. I totally love those wheels. I shopped for 6 months to find the wheel I liked best for the M6. I just didn't know how they'd look on the M3.

In answer to the M6 vs M3 question. It pretty simple. I love the M6 and I love the M3. I've had 2 previous M3's. I also love change, so I figured I go for an M3 for a couple of years until the new M6 comes out, and then order one of those. Probably 2012.

And BTW, I totally respect your opinion. Love the wheels on your car as well.

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