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Originally Posted by spyder1727 View Post

this is the model m3 i raced. only pic on google i could find. he had an M3 badge(which i'm now hoping was accurate) i know the difference between a turbo and a sc. and his backfire was a helpful giveaway as well.(gave me goosebumps it sounded so good)
a 335i would not beat me. i never said I was stock. my srt4 runs high-mid 12s.

this was without a doubt in my mind a turbo'd M3.
i wouldnt have gone through the trouble of signing up and making this thread if i wasnt so baffled/flabbergasted/insert other crazy word no one uses, as to why a 500+hp(at least) m3 didnt make me look like a fool.
If your Neon runs high mid-12s in the 1/4 mile, than you'll run pretty even with an unmodified E9X M3 (the current model), which runs in the mid-12s. The E46 M3 (previous generation) you ran against runs low to mid-13s stock. The 1/4 mile times for turbocharged E46 M3's are all over the place depending on which kit they have.

Most likely in your race, the M3 didn't get good traction on startup and had a hard time finding traction through second gear.

Edit: Don't worry about the guys giving you crap for owning a Neon, although you did ask for it a little bit by coming on here just to talk about your kill.
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