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I think it must have been a bone stock 335 you raced, there are some Super Charged (SC) M3s but none are yet turbo. In any event, SC M3s are running at least 560 bhp so I think this could not have been the case. Hence, a 335 that was probably not pulling too hard. A turbo M3 would, although unlikely, would require an entire engine rebuild and low compression pistons to say the least but would run more PSI than an SC, so you would be looking at a 650 plus hp vehicle. I donīt think this is what you faced either. Even then, I doubt an SRT4 will beat even a bone stock 335 (if you look at official ratings the SRT4 is almost a 6 seconds 0-62 etc... that is worse than a stock 335), let alone an stock M3 and much, much less an modded M3. In any event, Iīm glade you think you beat an highly modded M3. I once beat a highly modded 1,000 hp Bugatti with my shitty stock M3, then I woke up!! Hahaha!!

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