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Who's got the turbo M3 that lost to an SRT4?

Jacksonville on Southside blvd

I have an srt-4 and had the pleasure of spotting a very nice looking black M3. I thought it I'd have some fun and see if he wanted to screw around. And, well, he did.
We turned onto southside blvd and on the 3rd honk we took off.
It seemed he stuttered a bit during launch, but i didnt let off. So i basically started with a 2 car headstart. I looked in my side view mirror and saw a blacked out fmic.
This guy should have walked all over me. There's no doubt. But i maintained a 2 car lead for the whole race.
Im not here to talk trash, I just want to know what happened.
He pulled up next to me afterwards(we caught up to traffic) and wouldnt roll down his window. And thats when i heard his turbo spoolin, so i knew for sure he was turbo'd.
We didnt have a chance to run again, but hopefully if i get the opportunity again, i'll get my rightful loss. lol

and yes, i know street racing is stupid. so i'd prefer not to hear it.