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Originally Posted by noxredna View Post
Hey guys,

I have a 19 x 9F and 19 x 10R wheels with ET20 all around dropped on Eibachs.

Decided to give the Sessantas a try, I am going with the 255/35/19s up front and hopping to go 285/35/19 in the rear but they don't have that size. I could only find 275/35/19 or 295/30/19; which on should I go for?

I want as much wheel protection as possible and decent ride comfort, thanks!
You should definetly go with the 275/35/19's.

That is nearly the perfect sizing for a 10" wide rear wheel. Very nice sidewall to minimize noise harshness and vibration, a very good section width to improve dry and wet weather traction, and a rolling diamter that is very close to stock.

The 275/35/19 rear tire size should not cause you any rubbing issues on a stock ride height car, or even one that is dropped on lowering springs like Eibachs.

The other sizes you mentioned all have potential downsides that I would steer clear of...

BTW: You have made a very good decision to buy the Vredestein Sessantas. This is an excellent tire product that I personally recommend to everyone I meet. The performance vs. price is outstanding.

I can't ever see myself going back to paying PS2 money again (for my high performance tires), as long as the Vredestein Sessantas are around.
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