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Premier Protective Films

Big props to Premier for their wonderful service and tint job. I know they are already highly touted and some of the posters here have been serviced by them but here is a short summary of my experience with them.

I came in around 10 am and was assisted by Greg. He was very insightful and answered all the questions I had. I also told him I had an all day arrangement and if he could just leave the car in a safe spot where I can return later in the evening to pick up. He insured me that the car would be in a safe spot within their security camera range. I thanked him and went on my way. When I returned later that evening to retrieve my car, it was indeed parked in a safe location. As of this morning, I left the car out in the sun during lunch and the IR tint already made a considerable difference in heat reduction. I am very satisfied with the business I had with Premier and would definitely recommend them.