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P Manning
E Manning
T Romo
Ben Roesth.
Drew Brees
D McNab
Kurt Warner
Matt Cassel
Phillip Rivers
Aaron Rodgers
Matt Ryan
Tom Brady
J Cutler
the 2 top rookies (Sanchez/Stafford)
I would take Vick (when he left the NFL) over McNabb & Warner because of their age. Obviously, this year, the Eagles have McNabb while Vick gets back in game shape. I do not believe that Aaron Rogers, Tony Romo, Matt Ryan or Matt Cassel are as good as Vick when he left the NFL. He single handedly took his team to the NFC championship game, they haven't.

Vick will be the best backup QB prospect in the league, so it makes sense from a pure talent perspective. However, these are the same guys that got rid of TO because of "distractions", so it seems a bit odd that they want the biggest distraction in the league.