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Originally Posted by q96 View Post
you are right, but as far as i understood, there was an hypothesis that the new i drive controller works as retrofit only on cars that have recent tcu. In fact I have an european car and so an european TCU (probably with gsm) and the 048 does not work.

So either i have a tcu like said in the technical bulletin and it's normal that it didn't work or the hypothesis based on the tcu is not the right one ?

By the way, did anybody try to make unplug the tcu in a car and test the new idrive controller (for the one for who it does not work ?)
It could be possible that the hypothesis is not correct. However, to make matters more complicated, in this same thread there is an Australian 09/07 production E92 M3 with a GSM TCU installed from factory that the new iDrive controller worked with his old iDrive:

One thing, though... this M3 was also updated to a newer software in 10/08.

I think that it could be possibly a combination of GSM TCU and a software update, as there are also members here with the latest update but with a CDMA TCU and still the new controller does not work. Your production date of 02/08 could have an older software than that 10/08 version loaded in that M3.

You should try to get your software updated if there is a newer version and see if that eliminates another variable of this confusing issue.