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Is this thing on?
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Originally Posted by haze gray View Post
Not worth it. Test drives in Naples?
SA says "maybe" he could set something up, but not too many dealers around here have M3s on their lot. Generally a substantial language barrier as well. I went in to test drive one at East Bay BMW when I was there last October, and the manager was pretty condescending, "preserve miles, serious buyers" etc. Since I knew I wasn't going to buy from him - I didn't want to front like I was.

Originally Posted by Moxie View Post
I test drove a demo last week with only 325 miles on it. I took it out myself. Trust don't want the demo.

I just through $ down on a 2010 with a 39th week build date. Traded in the 2008 335i.

I'll miss the blacklines & insurance went up by $650 a year, but it's worth it.
Congrats! I should be pulling the trigger in the next few months - I'm developing an obsession.

Originally Posted by BMW3R View Post
So does that mean that the warranty starts from the time the car arrives in the US or will it start ticking day one?

Also, my car has been in the shop at least 8 times since my purchase one year ago with various fault codes, idle hose issues and so forth. If it continues this trend after 60,000 it could become very costly.
Warranty starts from day one - just no oil changes. Good advice on the costs after warranty, I've heard that before too. I don't foresee holding on to it for more than five years, but I guess that could change after owning it.

8 times in a year! Is that common?