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Originally Posted by window2time View Post
Yes, you can get Dakar on a vert and you could also get speed cloth with it. I really like speed cloth and I think it would go great with Dakar. I came very close to getting it myself. Having said that, it is a little harder for me to envision the speed cloth with the vert, but it might work. Also, I tend to think the Dakar Yellow looks best modded. I would not have opted for the color if I planned to keep it stock. If you do it, be sure to post pics, I would love to see it.
yes its on the drawing board im using ur car as reference. would it be too much to ask for part numbers. eg brakes "the italian brembo website drove me coucou". Also i envision the trunk lip will be different on the vert.

You are correct about the speed cloth not working on the vert. I have to see it in person. if its color is significantly lighter than the black leather then i won't do it. but if its close or the same shade then it will be strongly considered.

One more thing, could u pm me a rough estimate of how much the total mods cost. im just asking about the large mods such as brakes, tires, body kits, clear bra. ballpark +/- 2k is fine. its important for me to know how much i need to budget

Also to photoshop savvy ppl on this forum i would appreciate it if you could show me how the trunk lip would look on a DY vert with the topdown. don't want it looking like a california ferrari JLo butt ;p

thx in advance you got me super excited about this project i have brewing