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you know he kills little girls like you
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Originally Posted by TwinTurboXI View Post
No, you are stretching the law way too much here
So what? You seem to have entirely missed my point. What I was stating is that it would be unwise to allow such videos as it does open a legal can of worms that you probably don't want to, in particular, it increases the chance of civil suit by a barrator such as Jack Thompson.

Granted this guy was disbarred, but wouldn't it have been a pain in the ass to have to deal with him? My point is not whether or not such suits are merited. Whether or not you win such a suit filed against you is also to some degree irrelevant, although it would suck to lose. What is very relevant is that you will end up in court, having to pay lawyers fees, and waste a bunch of money and time on something that could have been prevented. Some examples follow.

This woman sued a website because someone posted accusing her of having herpes and being ugly.

This guy, who was a passenger in the vehicle, is suing a driver his cousin hit while speeding. The driver who was hit didn't do anything wrong.

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and being worse than any ambulance chaser out there.
If you believe that, then you don't have sufficient scepticism as regards the civil court system, and the above examples should serve to amply illustrate that. If you think my line of reasoning was tantamount to barratry you'd be right, but that's precisely what I'd try to avoid were it my site. Why would I, the hypothetical owner and operator of a website, take any risk at all in order to gratify the whim of some douchebag wishing to post his latest "kill"? What motivation would I have for taking that risk? Risk vs. reward, right?

Originally Posted by TwinTurboXI View Post
Most car forums allow the posting of such videos, although they do state boldly that they do not condone it.
I have a tough time believing that "most car forums" allow such videos based on purely anecdotal evidence, but supposing you're right, why do reckon they don't condone them?

Originally Posted by TwinTurboXI View Post
I for one feel we should allow the videos to be posted.
We'll see what oligarchy says.