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Originally Posted by radix View Post
I don't know what the reason behind the official policy is, but if I were an admin and this were my site, here's how I'd view it, the implicit condonation of - and illegality of - street racing nonwithstanding.


1. You allow street racing vids.


2. Someone gets into an accident while filming such a video under the pretense of some sort of oneupsmanship.


3. It's found that bimmerpost had anything to do with the reason that the person was making the video. E.g. user1 wants to beat user2's time set in videox, and post proof of it on bimmerpost.

Then you're opening up a legal can of worms you don't want to. Seriously, a lawyer could have a field day with that I'm sure, although I'm not a lawyer.

No, you are stretching the law way too much here and being worse than any ambulance chaser out there.

Most car forums allow the posting of such videos, although they do state boldly that they do not condone it.

I for one feel we should allow the videos to be posted.