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Is this thing on?
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Originally Posted by SUB-ZERO View Post
I purchased a car from the Military car sales at Agnano before it relocated ( I assume near Gricignano). Don't trust them on this....besides, they cannot control those who test drive the car. I assume a lot of young military guys will probably want a test drive so there is a higher risk of damage or over-reving during the break-in period.

Besides, unless Naples has changed drastically since I was there....there is no way that beautiful ///M3 will not get scratched up...LOL

It'll probably get a little scratched up while I drive it. But I can't resist because just outside Naples has to be one of the most fun places to drive in the world!

It's now just relocated five hours away in Vicenza, though base is still in Gricignano. Did you have and drive yours here?

Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post
HELL NO. especially if you are military sales. which it sounds like you are. if that is the case, you should be able to walk out of there FULLY loaded for 62k. period.
I'm looking at the e93 so mostly loaded for 68 or 69K. Not fully decided yet.

Originally Posted by BMW3R View Post
What do you mean by this? All of the service is covered by BMW up to 60,000 miles.

Personally, I wouldn't care if my car were beat to pieces since I never keep them more than two years. But, if it is a long term investment... no way would I go for that deal.
SA is telling me that because it's American Spec and sales, the service doesn't take effect until I get back to the states = 450 euro for the 1200.