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Check out this e46 330xi from Craigslist..

I just saw an '01 330xi with 70k miles on Craigslist, the private seller was originally asking $10900, but is now asking $11,400. It has the premium/sports/cold weather packages.

When the price was originally $10900, the previous buyer had asked that the following maintenance be performed:
-New BMW front badge (The plastic coat from the front badge was ripped)
-New brakes and rotors on all four wheels
-New engine sensor and temperature sensor

The deal fell through with the previous buyer since they couldn't get approved for a loan from their bank. I could pay in full if needed, but since I wouldn't want to take that amount out in cash, I'd probably go with a certified check or money order.

Details from the email conversation so far:
--He's not an enthusiast
--He has "most, if not all inspection / service records"
--Last oil service was 2000 miles ago

--No work done on the cooling system
--Had work done on the shocks/coil
--Hasn't had any issues with window regulators yet

--Tires need replacement
--Battery replaced "as the old one ran dead just 2 days ago"

When asked if he brought it in for inspection II, here is what he said:
"I don't remember bringing it in for Inspection II, so probably not yet. But I had the full brakes and rotor done once at Inspection I (at no cost) and again last winter ($1800)."

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