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Originally Posted by Surfclown View Post
The regional SA told me that I can build the car how I want and let it be their demo car for a six percent discount off total price. He also said they would pay for the 1200 mile service charge if it reaches that mile mark (service not included until I get back to the states in 2 years). For the e93 I'm looking at 70K turn into 66K.

I'm worried that they won't be strict enough with the break-in requirements since they are trying to sell cars.

Unfortunately he also told me I have to get to Germany for a test drive

What would you do?
I purchased a car from the Military car sales at Agnano before it relocated ( I assume near Gricignano). Don't trust them on this....besides, they cannot control those who test drive the car. I assume a lot of young military guys will probably want a test drive so there is a higher risk of damage or over-reving during the break-in period.

Besides, unless Naples has changed drastically since I was there....there is no way that beautiful ///M3 will not get scratched up...LOL