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Originally Posted by graider View Post
op, nice trip man. what camera were u using for those amazing shot?
I used a Nikon D90 with Nikkor 2 lenses (12-24mm and 18-20mm VR). I'm still getting used to it, its metering system is more finicky than the D80's I had before.

Originally Posted by Yearofthe1 View Post

Your ///M3 was delivered to you in the exact same spot my 1er was.

Check it out:
I guess our cars want to meet, what do you think?
Any new mods on the 1?

Originally Posted by Nawaaz View Post

What options did you get on your M3 if you don't mind me asking?

The reason I ask is because it looks exactly like mine from the outside

I got the Black leather/cloth interior, EDC, heated seats, folding rear seats, iPod, alarm and carbon leather trim.

Originally Posted by novablackm3 View Post
how many miles total? how many days ?

man your a quite a writer!

also did bmw help plan the itinerary?
I did 6682 km (4152 miles) in about 15 days. BMW didn't help with the planning at all - I know they have some travel services but they are very expensive - and besides, I enjoy planning my trips.

It was a little too much driving for a relaxing vacation, but then again Spain is far away and very big - so if you want to see Spain, you'll put some miles on the car.

Thank you all for the kind comments.