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Originally Posted by MTurhee View Post
I am talking about used. However, I did find new one with about 120 miles that was punched a few months ago for the trunk money, how much should I offer for that?
A few months ago people said high 40's to $50k for a used 08 coupe but I'm having trouble finding one now for that price with the options I want and less than 10k miles. It seems like I have to pay around $53k for one with about 6k miles.
Low 50's seems like the going rate for an 08 coupe with the options and low miles. All those low 40's prices people were throwing out in these forums were for:

- mostly sedans
- cars with suspicious natures (ie buybacks, accidents)
- strippers (got nothing inside but the good ole V8 engine)
- auction prices (which for the majority of people on forums doesn't mean jack since only dealers or people with dealer licenses can purchase)

There was that occasional 1 or 2 cars that were decent and available for under 50k due to specific circumstance of the seller to sell the car asap. But those were not the norm.

I brought my 08 a month ago. Best thing to do is find a good car you like, check it out, inspect it via PPI and then negotiate with the dealer. But keep in mind two things that changed since april: all or most new 08's were sold off the lots with big dealer incentives; and many used 08's were brought in the summer months. And with BMW producing less M3's moving forward (BMW is not stupid, they know they produced too many 08 M3's and took a bath on some of them), the market has firmed up some.

So just word of advice, don't believe all this talk of super killer deals in the 40's on 08 M3s, especially coupes. Just go find the right car for you and get the best deal you can.

Good luck with the hunt.